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15+ Years Experience

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Sound Advice

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Affordable Legal Website Design

If you have yet to set up a website for your legal practice, then the jury is still out on whether to hire you or not. With WDM, you can help attract new clients to your practice. By hiring us, you receive professional Web Design help to effectively communicate your offering to the public. To assist further, you get a custom marketing strategy on how to promote your site to the right people.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

There’s no point in building a legal website if people can’t find it online. With years of experience under our belts, WDM can help you maximize your site’s performance. First, we identify your target audience and look into your current website gaps and progress to find areas of improvement. Our team explore the right online marketing channels to help promote your website. Developing a plan using this information, you can put all your attention on providing legal counsel to the leads your site has generated!

Why We Provide the Best Legal Websites

WDM understands the high pressure legal professionals endure during the day. We appreciate you’re too time poor and have higher priorities and deadlines to consider dedicating your efforts toward a lead generating website. That is why we’re here to take care of it for you. Our legal web design specialises helping professionals in these niches:

legal web design melbourne

Property & Commercial Law

legal website design melbourne

Family Law

injury compensation law

Injury Compensation Law


Migration Agent

legal web design

Well Researched – Website Marketing Strategy

Be the judge, jury, and executioner of your website with the help of our website strategy planning! We can create a comprehensive marketing strategy to improve your site’s ability to generate clientsWe will do this by taking different tactics and combining them into a cohesive and effective plan.

legal website design

Objective-focused Website

Different firms have different objectives or a set of it, and we make sure that your legal website will have this objective of yours as a guiding principle so your goal can be achieved through converting visitors in the website properly. At Website Design Melbourne, we convert visitors to leads that you can actually serve.


Online Marketing for Law Firms

Our designers have years of experience creating high-performance websites for legal professionals like yourself. They possess the skills to help you come up with a web design that fits you needs like a glove. More importantly, they have designed ready-made custom design templates optimised to generate leads for your business!

6 Ways We Add Client Trust to Legal Websites

Secured Website

We make sure clients feel a sense of trust and security when they decide to be your client.

Professional Design

Our legal websites have a clean design with proper fonts and easy navigation that reduces confusion to an already complicated field.

Call-To-Action Focus

We strategically position call to actions to tell visitors what to do next on your website.

Fully Responsive

We ensure that our legal websites are fully responsive in all types of gadgets it’d be computer, mobile, or tablet.

Identity Branding

Creating a strong identity for your firm on the website humanizes it making you more trustworthy and builds up your credibility.

Important Pages

We value every page of a legal website as a portal for lead conversion.